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The Human Periconceptional Maternal-embryonic Space in Health and Disease

By February 21, 2023October 11th, 2023No Comments
The human periconceptional maternal-embryonic space in health and disease

Published in Physiol Rev. 2023 Feb 16 (2021 Impact Factor: 46.50)

“Pregnancy is established during the periconceptional period as a continuum beginning with blastocyst attachment to the endometrial epithelial surface followed by embryo invasion and placenta formation. This period sets the foundation for the child and mother’s health during pregnancy. Emerging evidence indicates that prevention of downstream pathologies in both the embryo/newborn and pregnant mother may be possible at this stage.

In this review, we discuss current advances in the periconceptional space, including the preimplantation human embryo and maternal endometrium. We also discuss the role of the maternal decidua, the periconceptional maternal-embryonic interface, the dialogue between these elements, and the importance of the endometrial microbiome in the implantation process and pregnancy. Finally, we discuss the myometrium in the periconceptional space and review its role in determining pregnancy health.”

To access the article, click on the following link: 10.1152/physrev.00050.2021