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About Us

We started the Carlos Simon Foundation for Research in Women’s Health in June 2022 alongside a group of visionaries, philanthropists, and scientists. We are a patient-research-oriented organization aiming to improve women’s health based on three pillars:

  • Basic research. Decipher the cellular, molecular, microbiological, and genetic complexity of the human uterus in health and disease
  • Translation. Create biotech companies to provide solutions for specific pathologies related to women’s health
  • Education. Teach our knowledge and institutional culture to the next generation
  • Carlos Simon Foundation Team

    Clinical Relevance in Women’s Health Research

    • It has been estimated that Infertility affects between 48 million couples and 186 million individuals worldwide [1]. Around 35% of all cases are caused by uterine dysfunction.
    • Pregnancy complications and parturition. Preterm birth affects 10% of pregnancies, and preeclampsia (5%) causes the death of 3.6 million infants and 1 million mothers worldwide [2].
    • Menopause affects all women (50% of the world population after 50 years of age).
    • Uterine tumors are present in 70% of women worldwide [3].
    • Uterine cancer affected 25.7 per 100,000 women between 2010-2014 [4]. During 2021, the estimated number of new cases was 66,570 [5].


    Dr. Simon is a reproductive endocrinologist with a lengthy career as a physician-scientist.

    Among the world’s leading experts in reproductive biology, especially in human implantation, his research emphasizes the cross-communication between the maternal tissues and the embryo and the role of endometrial stem cells in the biology of reproduction.

    His commitment to excellence in research is demonstrated by the publication of over 500 papers (PubMed) in peer-reviewed journals with an accumulated impact factor of 2,233.44. His papers have received around 30,000 citations, and he has a Google Scholar H-index of 89. He has edited 21 books in English, Spanish, and Portuguese and supervised 38 Ph.D. theses. Several scientific societies and institutions have awarded his research, including the Rey Jaime I Medical Research Award in 2011, the ASRM Distinguished Research Award in 2016, and the Lilly Foundation Biomedical Research Award in 2021.

    President Carlos Simon

    Carlos Simon, MD, PhD, Fund for Excellence in Translational Research Award

    The Carlos Simon Foundation and The American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) are pleased to announce the creation of this award

    The winner will receive a cash prize and recognition at the ASRM Congress, which includes a presentation at the symposium, registration for the Congress, and travel assistance

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    Standing for Diversity

    Diversity is a hallmark of the Carlos Simon Foundation. We strive to create an inclusive environment where all employees feel welcomed and have a sense of belonging, regardless of race, gender, religion, or sexual orientation.